Who We Are

We know what we're doing... 

Astarte Web Design has over 16 years of website design experience - focusing on small businesses, charitable organisations, parish councils, and voluntary groups.

Based in the small English village of Burton-in-Kendal almost on the county border, we are particularly able to offer website design services to the north Lancashire and south-east Cumbria area.

We especially understand the problems and difficulties faced by businesses in rural areas and are aware of the needs of users who want the benefits of a website without any hassle.

Our ethical approach to business means that we won't spam you, and we won't sell you a service that you don't need, or otherwise rip you off. When you Contact Us you will talk to real people who understand what they are doing, and are not simply quoting you from a sales crib sheet.

We can help to promote your site through both local and global search engines, meaning your customers will be able to find you easier and faster. Our sites are consistently top-ranked in results from all the major search engines.

We believe that web sites should work for the owner and be user-friendly to your visitors, that is - be fast to load, simple to use, work across all devices, and help promote your business effectively at an affordable price.

If this is what you're looking for with the minimum amount of hassle then why not contact us and see what we can do for you? After all, we don't charge for enquiries!