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Astarte is a pun on a start ein other words, getting you started online in an electronic world.  It is intended to explain that we offer simple, easy to use web solutions for clients with no previous experience of websites, or who want a simple, easy to manage website, without having to learn how to do complex things with scripts and coding languages.

In ancient history Astarte was also the great goddess of the ancient middle east region, and she was often depicted on Sidonian coins as standing on the prow of a galley, leaning forward with right hand outstretched, so being the origin of figureheads for sailing ships. As such she often lead the way into uncharted waters, a sentiment which corresponds with our own - we want to be able to help and guide you in your online adventure and help keep you safe from the dangers of the unknown internet.

So is this all ancient religion and black magic stuff?

Not at all, it's a modern interpretation of an ancient deity and we are certainly not into religion or black magic. We provide help and support to small businesses and groups who may feel a bit lost as to where to start in the digital world.

Your introduction page says "affordable, effective and ethical web design" - what does that mean?

Affordable means we are aware that small businesses, charities and social groups often have limited budgets, especially when they are first starting out, so we price our services accordingly.

Effective means we create websites that will work for you and which will allow you to attract new customers for your business.

Ethical means that we will discuss with you what you need a website to do and will tailor a solution to your needs. It means we will not sell you a service just because it makes us money, nor will we try and persuade you to use a service that you have no need for. Ethical also means we will provide you with what you need at a price you can afford and that will work for you effectively.

Our business is not about getting rich, it is about providing you with the best options for your business.

Are you bonkers? You don't want to be rich?

We might be bonkers in a nice way, but Astarte Web Design has never been about getting rich, it is about doing a job we love, working with great clients - both those who know what they want from a website but do not have the skills to create it themselves, and those who want a website but have no idea where to start or what to do next.  We really don't mind if you get rich as a result of our relationship, but if you do you can buy the coffee and cake at our next meeting! (smile)

OK, so what do I do next?

Why not have a look at our Portfolio page and see the sort of sites we have done. Bear in mind this is a sample, and we can create sites to suit all tastes and requirements.  Then why not Contact Us for a preliminary chat? We will be happy to spend time with you, to discuss your business and your needs, and then come up with a proposal for a site for you to consider.  There is no obligation to proceed until we have agreed to do so. That initial consultation is free of charge, so what do you have to lose?